VMF, French manufacturer of precision hydraulic manifolds

VMF, French manufacturer and European specialist in precision hydraulic manifolds

Our core business: the design and manufacture of custom hydraulic blocks

Since 1986, VMF designs and manufactures precision hydraulic manifolds. Based in the Rhône-Alpes region, we make every effort on a daily basis to meet the reliability and durability needs of companies in the industrial sector.

Our qualified teams and machine equipment allows us to offer standard and complex hydraulic blocks. At VMF, we provide a complete answer to the needs of our customers by mastering all stages of the design and manufacture of precision hydraulic manifolds.

The design of custom hydraulic blocks

VMF, European specialist in precision hydraulic manifolds, has an integrated design office. We have the expertise and know-how to meet the most complex needs of the offshore, maritime, armament and construction industries.

Our teams conceive the hydraulic manifolds on a CAD/CAM tool (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) specially developed for VMF. They carry out the necessary studies to integrate all the technical and environmental constraints of each customer in a hydraulic block solution.

Our goal is to respond point by point to the precise and demanding specifications. All manufacturing steps are fully reliable for an optimal quality result.

Depending on the needs, VMF is also able to manufacture manifolds from a drawing provided by customers.

A complete manufacturing process carried out in our workshops near Lyon

We have a fleet of 19 machines and a complete specific tooling to make tailored cavities and complex drilling. Our machines also allow us to produce long hydraulic blocks, more than 2 meters long, weighing up to 10 tons.

Our machining centres connected to a Fastems robot allow us to meet the standard needs for hydraulic blocks in a short time, thanks to twenty-four hours a day production.
We have also kept traditional machines that permit to perform precision specific machining on our hydraulic blocks.

VMF, a specialist in hydraulic manifolds, offers manufacturers a wide choice of materials and finishes. Our expert teams provide useful advice to our customers to make the best choices regarding the material of hydraulic blocks (steel, aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel) and surface treatment (zinc plating, phosphating, anodizing, chemical nickel).

Quality: an essential step in the manufacture of precise and reliable hydraulic manifolds.

The control steps of the hydraulic blocks coming out of our machining centres are the subject of particular attention by teams trained in a dedicated space.

We thoroughly check many points on the manifolds by ultrasonic, dimensional, or endoscopic checks:

  • Holes,
  • Cavity diameters and depths,
  • Threaded holes,
  • Connections,
  • Surface finish for maximum sealing.

We pay particular attention to the control of our hydraulic blocks to ensure their quality and accuracy.

VMF supports industries in the long term to meet their needs for hydraulic manifolds

For more than 35 years, we are committed to supporting our customers over time to design and manufacture hydraulic blocks adapted to their request. We ensure the follow-up of your projects and are at your disposal every day with reactivity and availability.

By calling on VMF, French manufacturer of hydraulic blocks, you can restart the production of manifolds already manufactured in our workshops or resume a project by making changes with flexibility.

All of our customers’ hydraulic block plans are digitized and archived to provide them a responsive and efficient service. In addition, at VMF, we maintain a sufficient stock of parts to meet the manufacturing needs of our customers in a recurring series of hydraulic blocks

Achievements at the height of our European expertise in precision hydraulic manifolds

Our know-how and experience have made VMF a European leader in precision hydraulic blocks.
The largest companies in the construction, offshore, maritime and armament sectors call on our expertise to ensure the design and manufacture of complex and reliable hydraulic blocks that meet their specific needs.

Thus, VMF manufactured hydraulic blocks for large industrial projects such as:

  • Tchernobyl Shelter,
  • Pioneering Spirit, specializes in the installation and removal of oil or gas platforms and the installation of pipelines on the high seas,
  • The new Coastal Road on Reunion Island,
  • The Ferris Wheel of Dubai.

Are you looking for a French company specialized in the manufacture of hydraulic manifolds? Contact us! The teams of VMF, manufacturer of precision hydraulic blocks, are at your disposal.